My Fun Interview with the Lovely Lily Tomlin for “Admission” – I LOVE HER!

Uploaded on Friday 15 March 2013


I love, love, love Lily Tomlin! The iconic actress is so down-to-earth and witty! And she's fantastic in the new movie “Admission” from director Paul Weitz based on the novel by Jean Hanff Korelitz and adapted by Karen Croner. Tomlin stars as Susannah, the mother of Tina Fey's character. She's a staunch feminist who may have misguided her daughter early on in life. Paul Rudd also stars in “Admission” – a sweet, smart, heartfelt film about letting someone in in your life. In this interview, we talked about:

*** Her attraction to the film
*** Her well-drawn character and her tattoo in the movie in homage to Bella Abzug, one of the leaders of the women's movement
*** The movie's crux is passion – what drives Miss Lily Tomlin?
*** Her love for Palm Springs – I invited her and partner Jane Wagner to live with me

And then...she kissed me...awwwwww. I wished that was caught on tape but alas, it will always reside in my dreams and in my heart.

Have fun!


Language: English

Length: 3:23

Country: United States