My Super-Early Oscar 2012 Predictions

Uploaded on Tuesday 6 December 2011


The awards season is heating up but which films or performances deserve Oscar glory? Here’s my ballsy prediction!

For Best Supporting Actor Oscar, Albert Brooks was memorable as a shady businessman in DRIVE but let's not forget the wonderful Nick Nolte as a bruised dad in WARRIOR or John Hawkes as a cult leader in MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE And this is probably a longshot but Seth Rogen was also fantastic in 50/50. Honestly? I would love Christopher Plummer to win this category as a father who recently came out to his son in BEGINNERS.

For Best Supporting Actress, I have a lot of favorites. There's Shailenne Woodley as a petulant daughter in THE DESCENDANTS, and Janet Mcteer in drag for ALBERT NOBBS. But i have been championing Jessica Chastain. The current Hollywood “it” girl gave brilliant performances in THE HELP, THE TREE OF LIFE, THE DEBT, AND TAKE SHELTER.

For Best Actor, I enjoyed George Clooney in THE DESCENDANTS. Leonardo DiCaprio hammed it up as J. Edgar Hoover, the gifted Ryan Gosling was mesmerizing in DRIVE, Michael Shannon is so good in TAKE SHELTER and I truly admired Gary Oldman's subdued performance in TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. But I think the Academy will finally bestow this award to Brad Pitt for his double whammy in MONEYBALL and THE TREE OF LIFE.


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