Naga City Baywalk Aerial Video Compilation

Uploaded on Thursday 22 March 2018


On our way to south Cebu and passed by Naga, it was almost six in the morning, we were trying our best to arrive quick and early but when we saw the sun big and bright, we decided to stop by and check out the sunrise view from the Naga Baywalk.

But as we got nearer, we saw a lot of locals in their morning jogging suits and pants, most of them walking, some running with their kids or their dogs.

My husband James took the drone out and started manning it. The Naga Baywalk has a structure with LOVE on it and that was where he flew Allan (our DJI Spark drone's name).

The sun was out and it was so beautiful shining but dropping the shadow of those ships floating at the Naga sea. The city has really became beautiful over the past years. The last time I was in there was year 2010 or 2011 and it didn't have the baywalk just yet. It was just the seawall but its beauty is still evident due to the mountain view from the back and the boats and ships.

Aside from the beauty it has provided and made the city known of and being visited by the neighboring locals, it also encourages the city people to be physically fit by waking up early, bringing out their fitness outfits and just going out of their homes to exercise, walk or jog.

Play the video and see for yourself how nice the Naga baywalk looks like.

Best regards,
Jean Beltran


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Country: Philippines

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