Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


Naked Life.
Same Old Song. One that is screaming feminists, the reactions and rigid. The simple and arrogant air of nudity in good standing. While it is understandable to rebel when using the simplest device to sing the praises of the latest fashionable 4x4 or a fully equipped kitchen, the nude's still an undeniable artistic expression. Beauty love nudity and terrible in the sight of proportion. The mathematical values ​​agree, to meet and align perfectly. Touched to the heart, nothing to complain before the echoes of the body.
Yet the naked thing in the world is being discussed most. Exactly. It diverts the gaze of the best men. And as the staging, it is always dependent on the body. In fact: the indecent exposure. It dares to bare. Question audacity to tickle accept the erosion of thought. Difficult for the photographer as the model, since its exposure and work-share, is the offering of their ethics. The trouble is inevitable and the risk of loss is always possible. But when the viewer beyond the image, the procedure will prevail.

/ Production /
Pierre & Zandrowicz Florent Roussel.


Language: French

Length: 7min

Country: France

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