Noise With Noise Trailer

Uploaded on Thursday 26 September 2013


After two months of building my portfolio on Film Annex (and seeing a vast amount of amazing work) I started to notice a trend of filmmakers releasing trailers for their upcoming films. This really caught my attention for a number of reasons. Firstly, I realised that for many independent filmmakers this is a great way of building anticipation for their upcoming projects and generating a buzz with their target audience. Also, in conjunction with my experience of using Film Annex, I began to understand with more clarity what an excellent platform it is to more directly reach your audience and keep them updated in a more visually stimulating way. So this curiosity with the pre-release trailer has led me to the production of my first short film trailer for one of my upcoming films 'Noise With Noise'. In the near future I will detail the production process, ideas and concepts of this experimental short in a more in depth blog post. For the time being I will say that 'Noise With Noise' is an abstract exploration of the recycling and re-imaging of audio/visual signal glitches. I hope you enjoy the trailer for 'Noise With Noise'.


Language: English

Length: 0:52

Country: United Kingdom