Now and Forever (Trailer)

Uploaded on Saturday 29 September 2012


Part of the feature-length film "The Water Project" which is made out of 9 short films by 9 Israeli and Palestinian directors, about life in Israel and the current conflicts in the theme of "water".

Produced with the help of the Tel Aviv University Film & TV Departement.

Lead Actors: Bar Sade ; Shady Srour.
Written, Directed & Edited by: Tal Haring.
Co-Writer: Naama Keha.
Producer: Aviv Ben Shlush.
Cinematography: Eric Mizrahi.
Art Director: Yuval Gurervich.
Sound Designer: Neal Gibbs.
Sound Recording: Ofir Ari Razi.
Asst. Directors: Amir Cohn ; Maya Fischer ; Lilah Kirenberg.


Language: Hebrew

Length: 02:42

Country: Israel