Oskar Blues tasting: WOW Beer!

Uploaded on Saturday 30 January 2010


Mark and Jimmy take one more walk around the beer block in Longmont, Colorado with Marty Jones (of Marty Jones and the Great Unknowns) at Oskar Blues Brewing. The in-house pub at Oskar Blues (known as the Tasty Weasel) serves as home to The Guys as they work their way through a suite of, well, WOW BEERS - from the Pilsner to the Bourbon Aged Scottish Ale, there wasn't a single beer at OB that didn't evoke some kind of positive expletive. Positive Expletives? Employee Health Insurance Discounts? BEER BLING? WOW indeed - we'll take that!



Language: English

Length: 4:59

Country: United States