Outside (rejected leader)

Uploaded on Friday 14 February 2014


I've been doing this pre-school series Outside for many years now. Just finished another five episodes. The network asked me for a new, updated leader, so we created one. However, it got rejected and the old one is still in use.

I like em both, the old and the new one. That's why I make them.

During this production there was a merger between networks. Two networks became one. Very hectic period to be working in. No communication, a lot of new captains aboard the ship, not necessarily good sailors either.

If you ask me it's a waste of time and money to order and reject animated leaders. But there are several highly sophisticated views on the matter, which doesn't concern the beautiful kids that starred in this clip, and the cool animation crew that brought their fantasy world alive (Frame Order).

Thanks people, for a superb leader to our show. I like it!


Language: Silent

Length: 0:17

Country: Netherlands