Paths of Resistance

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


This is a 27 min. featurette for a full length screenplay entitled. "Paths Of Resistance". It is a super indie, cult flick that follows assasin Tommy Dempsey, and the dark characters that surround him, into the world of underground stick fighting(eskrima). When Tommy, and best friend Nicky, become pawns for big shot, underground, gambling, gangsters. Tommy finds himself on the only path he he knows. The paths of resistance.

All performances were not of professional actors, but people who believed wholeheartedly on the film. All production, marketing, and promotion was done on less than a shoestring budget. We are currently seeking investments to complete the film. This is a true, cult indie, experience. This movie will be a cult hit one day. Be one of the few to have this(free) rare promotional featurette that is sure to be a collectors item.


Language: English

Length: 27:41

Country: United States