Payback - Trailer

Uploaded on Sunday 26 January 2014


Payback - A film based on love, friendship and betrayal.

The story follows Ankur, a high-powered corporate executive who is very disturbed and worried as the relationship between him and his girlfriend(Shilpa) is not working. Soon they breakup and they move out together one last time.
Few months later, Ankur finds himself floating on a boat alone in a river, he is totally puzzled and bewildered and can't remember how he came up there. Later, he sees Shilpa but instead of being happy, fear engulfs him and he becomes more and more restless. Troubled and disturbed Ankur moves across the city in search of her but the more he tries to get hold of her the more she gets away. Ankur feels like living his worst nightmare, at one instant he sees her and the next moment she is gone. Meanwhile Ankur's friend Jit is out there looking for him to help him but Ankur doesn't believe anyone, he doesn't know whom to trust and whom not to in this troubled times but in all these does Ankur sees the real truth.

Soon a race of love, friendship and betrayal sets off.

(The full movie will be out soon).
(The film will be of 22 minutes duration).


Language: English

Length: 1:57

Country: India

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