'Peanut' by Quitzow- Music Video by Los Angeles based independent filmmaker Charles Pieper

Uploaded on Thursday 7 September 2017


The official music video for 'Peanut' by QUITZOW.


The world is dark and scary....something bad's happened, hence the gasmask...yet all of a sudden....the creature hears this song, this amazing, life-affirming, goofy upbeat song, and it takes over him and he is joyous and transformed, and so is everything around him. So he dances!

All the dark urban night spots are now just backgrounds for joyous dancing, for contrast, for fun. And the streetlights and neon lights grow alive more and more with the music too until the whole night is infected with happiness...

And then the song ends and the gasmask gorilla walks off calm and contented, renewed for life...!


Language: Music

Length: Two minutes, 49 seconds

Country: United States