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Puerto Princesa City Baywalk is Palawan’s very own version of our Manila Baywalk in Roxas Boulevard. It’s located beside the port area and is walking distance from the public market. One notable attraction in the park is the peacock, the symbol of Puerto Princesa City which is a part of the city’s official seal. The symbol was probably chosen because of the Palawan Peacock Pheasant which is an endangered species and is endemic to Palawan.The bay side is a safe and refreshing place to unwind while looking at the still-blue waters that lap against the walls. You can sit back, enjoy the mild sun and feel the fresh sea breeze.
The baywalk is a developed seafront strip providing a scenic place to view the sunrise or the beautiful sunset.City Baywalk Park is one of the best places to spend leisure time with family and friends and designed for you to appreciate the other wonderfully-made creations of God.
Puerto Princesa City Baywalk. It used to be a squatters area but after a fire swallowed the houses of the people, they were no longer allowed to built houses in it. The city turned it to a tourist and local destination to unwind and relax and they developed it to a Baywalk.The people were of course not taken for granted. The city built a tenement few meters from the baywalk, where they now live in it. They were asked to take care of the place and they were allowed to make a living out of selling barbecues and pasalubong items for livelihood. It looks prettier in daytime, good for photo ops because you’d be able to see the baywalk clearly, but there are few people at daytime. It looks like just baywalk when you visit it at day. I prefer visiting Baywalk at night time, because it’s busier and people are flocking in to relax, rent a bike and strolling around baywalk.Barbecue stalls are alive and a lot of people are dining in too. The baywalk is actively being guarded by Baranggay tanods. They make sure no beggars are strolling around. They even catch them if seen asking for money or food in the dining areas. All lights are up at night and it looks festive everywhere. There is also a “peryahan” or amusement rides nearby, so if you prefer to hop on the rides or gamble and play you can check them out there too.
If you happen to visit the City Baywalk Park and plan to spend overnight or days in the city.

Here are some near accommodations that you may check into.
Audissie Pension Hotel - 31 Malvar Street, Puerto Princesa Town Proper, Palawan, Philippines
Balayong Pension - 29 Roxas St., Puerto Princesa Town Proper, Palawan, Philippines
Sunlight Guest Hotel - Malvar Street, Barangay Tagumpay, Puerto Princesa Town Proper, Palawan, Philippines 5300
Lola Itang Pension and Restaurant - Roxas Street, Puerto Princesa Town Proper, Palawan, Philippines 5300
Marianne Home Inn - Quezon Street Extension Barangay Tagumpay, Puerto Princesa Town Proper, Palawan, Philippines 5300

How to get there:
From Manila – Puerto Princessa
Philippine Airlines, PAL Express (formerly Air Philippines), Cebu Pacific, and Zest Air have travel routes from Manila to Puerto Princessa (capital of Palawan).


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