PUSH Until Success!

Uploaded on Wednesday 11 May 2011


In a perfect world, the whispers of our peers would not exist, casting out the fears of vulnerability, eliminating wasted time on the voyage to success. We'd all be Kings and Queens, a famous musician or acting in a Hollywood film, living life as if it were out of a dream. Surpassing the expectations of society, lacking procrastination. Envy and pain, myths, nothing but old folktale with seldom belief. The world is what you make it...PUSH UNTIL SUCCESS HAPPENS!

PUSH APPAREL; Shirts are featured in both the 'Lights Out' and 'Dada' series, designed and produced by Chuck Hohng and Marcell Harris.

From Gwen Lu:

在一个十全十美的境界中,人们的闲言闲语不再存在,驱逐心底的弱点和恐慌,抛开迈向成功大道的阻扰。我们将是国王和皇后,著名音乐家或好莱坞巨星,超越社会的界限,把现实生活变成梦境。嫉妒,痛楚 与神话;它将成为没人可信的历史。世界将由你一手创造。。。让我们一起“推动‘直到成功!

PUSH APPAREL T恤衫 'Lights Out' 和 'Dada' 系列是 Chuck Hohng 和 Marcell Harris 精心设计的佳作。


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