Rene Russo Interview for “NIGHTCRAWLER”

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 October 2014


I am loving Rene Russo in “Nightcrawler.” She plays the role of Nina Romina, the fierce News Director for KWLA. She’s tough with years of experience behind her but she finally meets her match when Lou Bloom (the wonderful Jake Gyllenhaal) enters the picture.

And I am very happy to see Russo not playing her typical roles – the wife, girlfriend, or heck, Thor’s momma. I sat down with the actress to let her know about my love for “Nightcrawler” and her wonderful performance.

In this interview, we talked about her attraction to making the movie and her role, and the sad state of local news. Take a look at my fun interview with the lovely and talented Rene Russo.


Language: English

Country: United States