Sagada Timelapse Collection

Uploaded on Monday 13 March 2017


Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines is up northern part of the country thus the weather is cooler compared to the other areas. It has been one of the travel bucket list for the Filipinos nowadays as it was featured on one of the popular movies in the country entitled Tadhana. In the film, there was a beautiful sea of cloud scene taken in Kiltepan Viewpoint in Sagada itself and that drew a lot of interest to the viewers, thus making this a very in demand spot.

Sagada was not really our top priority in our travel bucket list but since we had the chance to go there after our Batad experience, we instead used the opportunity to do so. It was an hour or two travel from Banaue going to Sagada and as soon as we stepped out of the jeepney upon arrival, I realized, this is a small community. It seems we have access to all spots with just reaching the market place.

On our first and second day, we didn't really do much but walk around the town. We rented a motorbike on the first day and explored the farther part but it rained so we were soaked but found comfort at the Gaia Craft Cafe where we had tea.

The second day was full of time lapse as the weather was really good, there were blue skies, white foamy clouds and it was just perfect for a good timelapse session. We moved from here to there and found every spot suiting for this kind of video recording.

James pretty had a great time previewing his recordings and so he thought it would be great to compile them into a specific video. I then thought its worth sharing although he was not able to add our watermark in it. I still posted it anyway.

Hope you'll get amazed with the cloud movement too! Enjoy!

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