"Schizo" - Kickstarter project

Uploaded on Sunday 1 May 2011


Irene Paige lives with Schizophrenia. But despite her troubles in and out of mental institutions, she has built a "normal" life. Although the price for her freedom means being the live in caretaker to a deadbeat boyfriend named Les Gotham, a coarse and sometimes abusive alcoholic twice her age. One day Irene finds an abandoned stage play Les had written years ago, yet never bothered to complete. She takes the pages and expands upon the dialogue, adding scenes and changing characters, intuitively working on it as a form of therapy. She discovers within herself a distinct "voice" as a writer. Sadly, it becomes disturbingly clear that voice belongs to someone else entirely. Damon Sinclair is one of the characters Irene invented in the play titled "The Amnesia Motel". He is a brooding young intellectual who is easy on the eyes, but he's not actually a real person. Which doesn't stop Damon from popping up everywhere in Irene's life unexpectedly: on the balcony, in the living room, in the bathroom, the backseat of her car too - she can't seem to shake him -- it, whatever the hell he is. Even her medication isn't driving this Damon delusion away. And to make matters worse, she starts to fall in love with this manifestation from her mind. So Irene decides to pursue a stage production of "The Amnesia Motel" in the hopes of purging these Damon apparitions. As the production draws closer, Les grows suspicious of Irene's strange behavior and threatens to send her back to the hospital. That's when Damon suggests she hires the drug dealer that lives next door to murder Les. Irene follows through with the plan to commit murder before she finds true love with one of the actors in the production.


Language: English

Length: 5:58

Country: United States