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Oslob has become a well known location and tourist spot because of the whale sharks locally known as Butanding. Since James, my husband is a local of the said town, we had made it a point to check out the resorts nearby each single time that we go home.

Living in the city is a bit of a stressful thing specially that we have to deal with traffic and office works as well. So getting home and enjoying the beach and calm shore is definitely an awesome way for us to release that stress.

A month ago, we decided to get to Seafari Resort. I have inquired at its website on their specific daily rates and since they have high rates, we thought of their daynuse instead but indeed up with only dining at their restaurant because they allowed to.

Instead of paying Php 1200 per person for the day use rate, we only paid Php 800+ for the lunch food we ordered, that for me is way better saving.

In Seafari, one has to take the numerous steps from tge entrance to the main resort. Then climb it again on the way back. It would be very tiring and that made the resort child and elder people unfriendly however, they are currently working on some elevator type of machinery which can help the elders as well as the guests.

The resort offers three pools, one of which is an infinity pool but it isn't that huge, it can accommodate only a few people within. There's however an artificial garden at the fourth level, this gives the visitors and guests a 180 degree view of the horizon plus a way to star gaze at night.

Food is good but not very exemptional. The ceasar salad was great though but I dislike their fresh pineapple juice. James didn't get to finish his meal and we had to ask the crew to pack it.

Overall, the resort provides awesome location, ambiance and service but it takes a lot of effort to get there, also it has less open space which means if you have kids, they won't be able to run around.

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