Sean Bean Talks About “Jupiter Ascending” and #DontKillSeanBean

Uploaded on Monday 2 February 2015


Sean Bean stars as Legion Commander Stinger Apini in the new sci-fi adventure “Jupiter Ascending.” From the Wachowskis, directors of “The Matrix Trilogy,” Mila Kunis is the would-be Queen of the Universe and Channing Tatum is Caine, a genetically-engineered ex-military hunter.

I spoke with Bean to talk about everything from his interest in making the movie and working with the Wachowskis to the hashtag #DontKillSeanBean because you know, filmmakers just love killing Bean’s characters!

Take a look at my fun interview with the actor and by the way, I love how he calls me Mah-Neh. “Jupiter Ascending” flies into theaters on Feb. 6th.


Language: English

Country: United States