Sightings: Flying Saucers in Texas!

Uploaded on Saturday 30 January 2010


In our continuing search for the existence of Extraterrestrial Beer Halls we may have come up empty once or twice; however, if you’re looking for a place with an incredible lineup of beer and otherworldly yet earthly fun, at the Flying Saucer, you’ve found it. Stopping off in Fort Worth Texas (historically known as Hell’s Half Acre) Jimmy and friends Jeff, Melissa and Lakisha take a tour around this historic building with a real dedication to craft beer and education. Join the UFO club at the Saucer (14 locations around the US) and drink three new beers per day up to 200, and you get your very own flying saucer on the wall with your name and pithy phrase, plus a party with your tab picked up by the house. All this, a brothel and The Guys’ favorite Christmas Tree of all time, and you’ve got quite an episode. Enjoy!


Language: English

Length: 4:45

Country: United States