Silenci (Sergi Rubió, 2007)

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


After thirty years of being a daughter, wife and mother, Dolors decides to see what happens when she tries thinking of herself for the first time… and of course all changes force us to learn new lessons. Dolors has to learn how to follow her own path to its end, and be strong enough not to look back – to home, and a husband she still loves and respects, but who has still to learn to listen to his wife and find out what her needs are.

In these difficult moments for his parents, Dolors’ son, Jordi, goes to see her in her hotel. As Dolors listens to her son, she feels admiration for his achievements and gratitude for the consideration he shows her, while she also admires the professional success of her daughter-in-law Neus, in whom she now places her hopes, happy in the knowledge that women can be wives and mothers while remaining women.


Language: Catalan

Length: 12'35''

Country: Spain

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Silenci (Sergi Rubió, 2007) by Sergi Rubió is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.