Singing Fools "The Bum Rap"

Uploaded on Wednesday 8 May 2013


A video of the very first rap song ever recorded and released in Canada, Singing Fools were inspired to this act of selfless creativity by the 1982 wage control programme imposed by the government of Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau's chief wage control boss, Don Johnston, thought he could make the pill less bitter by composing and releasing a 7-inch single that featured the theme song of the "Six and Five" percent wage restraint regime. Singing Fools responded with their own single and the rest was Canadian music history. The elder Trudeau is liberally featured here both hosting the rogues gallery of world leaders at the 1981 G7 summit meeting held at Montebello, Quebec and in his more notorious role during the 1970 FLQ crisis when he imposed martial law and authorized the mass arrest of hundreds of innocent Quebeckers. Intrigued to learn more about this time-capsule from the colonies? As the man says, "Just watch me!"


Language: English

Length: 4:19

Country: Canada

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