Smaller Than The Sky

Uploaded on Tuesday 22 January 2013


What happens when everything you took for granted was lost in an instant? What would you do when you can’t do anything? This film is set entirely in a crashed car and takes the audience through the trauma of surviving and dying. This film tells the story about a mother (Afaaf) sufferance after a car crash in which is appears her husband and daughter die. Throughout the film we see Afaaf’s reactions as they swing from grogginess to complete awareness, to extrem grief, to denial, to even fantasy when she imagines her family next to her, alive. These moment with ‘Afaaf’ in and out of consciousness is where we truly realise those moment between life and death that are possibly the most horrifying moments in anyone’s life. There are the moments where people tend to overlook when thinking of a car accident and it is precisely the moment when human emotion is at its most raw.


Language: Arabic

Length: 0:53

Country: United Arab Emirates