SMUGGLED - Trailer

Uploaded on Wednesday 30 October 2013


SMUGGLED is a narrative, multi-award winning film that tells the story of a 9 year-old boy and his mother as the couple are smuggled into the U.S. in a compartment underneath a tour bus. Unfortunately, the journey doesn't go as planned as a new destiny awaits Miguel and his mother.

The film has been featured by NBCLatino, ABC/Univision and various other outlets, with ABC stating: "Filmmaker Ramon Hamilton is on a mission to change how Americans think about immigration…" and Academy-Award Winning Producer Jonathan Sanger offered this insight about the project: "The impressive realism of Smuggled allows it to be an extremely powerful film that promotes thoughtful dialogue and discussion about one of the most important issues in the United States today -- immigration.""


Language: English

Length: 1:04

Country: United States