Snake Island Palawan

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Honda Bay, one of the Philippine's premiere tourist destinations, Palawan. It is host to several of the most exclusive resorts in the country. With its white sand beaches, magnificent landscape, fishing villages and rainforests, it is a favorable destination of adventurers and nature lovers. Honda Bay is just a few minutes north of city proper, hop onto a boat and go isand hopping at the emerald waters of Honda Bay
On the eastern coastline of Puerto Princesa on the Philippine island of Palawan is the body of water known as Honda Bay wherein lie several smaller islands including Snake Island. Just a short a short ride from downtown Puerto Princesa brings you to Santa Lourdes Wharf where you can hire boats to take you out to a few of the various islands. Grab your cooler, snorkel gear, your swim fins, and a water proof camera and be ready to explore the beautiful Pambato Reef!
From Sta. Lourdes Wharf, the boat ride takes about an hour to get to Snake Island depending on the weather and ocean conditions. The boat pulls to the shoreline once you get to the island to let you step off directly on the beach. Welcome to Palawan’s Snake Island! Don’t be afraid, there are no snakes! The name only refers to the snake-like shape of the island itself.Palawan’s Snake Island does not have any permanent resident housing, but there are several huts and cottages built on it for picnic use and a small store to buy extra picnic snacks and drinks. There is even an area with a team of masseuse ready to give you a relaxing massage right there on the beach!Relaxing and eating aren’t the only things to do on Snake Island – let’s not forget the activities! Throughout the Philippines, Palawan has a reputation for having white sand beaches and Snake Island has plenty of room for beach activities like volleyball and playing in the water. In a buoyed off area in the water, you can go snorkeling and explore the sea life along the reef! You’re able to see hundreds of kinds of fish and starfish hidden among the crevices of the reef.

Snake Island
Entrance Fee : Free

This island is characterized by the long sandbar connected to the main beach. Sari-sari stores and cottages are also available here. Some stalls sell fresh seafoods; you can cook if you have the means to do so or you can also ask them to cook for you. Compared to Pandan Islands where people can be everywhere, there is a part in snake islands where beach goers can find a little bit of privacy.

How to Get to Honda Bay:
If you take advantage of Honda Bay tour that is being offered by different travel agencies, you do not have to worry as they will take care of everything from picking you up in your hotel to bringing you back. However, if you plan to do the Honda Bay tour yourself, you can do the following:

Charter a tricycle to Sta. Lourdes port. This will roughly be an hour ride which cost Php500-600 for round trip. There are some jeepneys and multicabs enroute to Sta. Lourdes wharf; fare is Php25. The problem with this is the transportation back to the city after the island hopping because you have to walk for more than 1 kilometer back to the main highway and catch a ride back to the city. Transportation back is very rare.
Getting a port is the most difficult part especially during peak season as most boats are already taken by tour travel organizers. But if you want to try your luck go ahead and do so. Small boats costs Php1,300 and big costs Php1,500 for the whole day good for 6 people. If your group is more than 6, there is an additional fee of Php220 each.
so enjoy guys exploring palawan!!I wish you luck and happiness. Keep on travelling, find your happy place.


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