Stem The Tide (2012 Independent Feature Film) Official Trailer

Uploaded on Friday 27 January 2012


Independent feature film from Manjughosha Films, coming Spring 2012 to the festival circuit.

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"Faced with many decisions in life, one man must make a choice that will not only affect his life but all those around him, and he does it all the time. Where do you draw the line? When do you decide to live or let live? Faced with a past he doesn't know, a friend he doesn't recognize and an adversary who can undo it all, he will get one last chance to redeem himself. The futures of many lives weigh in the balance and, the wings of angels are often found on the backs of the least likely people."

Seeded years earlier, Stem the Tide could be seen as an event that eventually had to take shape in the form of Manjughosha Films first feature length film. Long time friends and co-workers Adam McCleery, Shawn Baker and Geoffrey Locke all had an applicable skill for making film, but it would take them a couple of years to finally throw caution to the wind and try to create a film from square one. Months spent writing and and rewriting gave way to planning, casting, location scouting and storyboarding. Finally at the beginning of March 2010, principal photography began on the feature in Provincetown, Massachussetts. The talent of the movie, many mined from the large theater community of Cape Cod, agreed to work on the movie for little more than the occasional feeding and the opportunity to be seen in a movie that they believed had something to say and that just might be seen by a larger audience. So with a budget that didn't even eclipse one-thousand dollars they found people to provide them with locations, props and extras and finally on July 2nd, the film wrapped and the next journey was to begin. After the three found work once again to replace the jobs they left behind, the movie, now on multiple hard drives, made its way to Sweden where it would be edited for the next six months. Eventually in its fifth incarnation, following several small test-screenings, the movie had found it's voice and length and it was time to pass it along to the two newest members of Manjughosha Films. Sami Sinervä would take the film and give it a color grading to match the feel of the movie and touch up some of the light variations from the day of the shoot, and also Linus Söderland would be giving the film life in the form of a feature length score. Neither had done either job on the scale they were now, but both were more than confident they could. Stem the Tide will have a Spring 2012 release where it will try and find an audience working the festival circuit. Just in time too, as these stones will gather no moss, as they will be starting principal photography on their second feature film in June of that same year.


Language: English

Length: 2:05

Country: United States