Success Stories of Bonaventure Boys Home with Cline A. Glidden

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Bonaventure Boys’ Home operates a twenty four (24) hour ten-bed Therapeutic Community Programme that addresses the antisocial behaviours, beliefs, of their residents in a safe and nuturing environment. This programme also provides a school based curriculum for all residents in the programme. In the film, Hon. Cline Glidden, Jr. talks about Success Stories of Bonaventure Boys Home.

Hon. Cline Glidden, Jr. graduated from the Cayman Islands High School in 1982. After leaving High School, he was employed at Cable & Wireless where he remained for twelve years. During this time he obtained on-the-job training in telecommunications. He also travelled abroad to various training workshops, seminars, and conferences. In 1990 he completed his certification as a Telecommunication Technician at Porthcurno Telecommunications College in England.
In 1994, Mr. Glidden, left Cable & Wireless to pursue his entrepreneurial aspirations for a more visible and managerial role, doing so in a security company that, prior to 1994, was simply an investment. After building that company into the Islands’ largest electronic security company, he sold it and started an electrical contracting company and general construction company.
Mr. Glidden was elected to the Parliament of the Cayman Islands in November 2000. He has served his country admirably, and was part of many historic accomplishments during his first term in office. He is a founding member of the United Democratic Party.
He was elected to the prestigious and challenging position of Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in 2001, 2005 and again in 2009. He has served as the presiding officer of Parliament on numerous occasions.
He has also served as Chairman of the Cayman Islands branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and has represented them at numerous conferences in the region, including Australia and Africa.
Mr. Glidden was the Chairman of the Government negotiating team that successfully negotiated an agreement with Cable and Wireless liberalizing the Telecommunications Industry introducing competitive service providers, reduced rates and improved services to the people of the Cayman Islands.
Mr. Glidden was also the Chairman of the Government negotiating team that reached an agreement with Caribbean Utilities Company for the early conclusion of their existing exclusive license. However, before this agreement could be signed, Mr. Glidden’s Government lost the election and new negotiations were started by the new administration.
After success in the 2009 Elections, Mr. Glidden has been given responsibility for critical areas in Government including Port Development, implementation of a landfill solution, Electrical Regulation and Information Communications Technology Regulation. He is also the Chairman of the Oversight Committee for the Complaints Commissioner, and is a long-serving member of the Public Accounts Committee and other Standing Committees of the Legislative Assembly.
Mr. Glidden’s community spirit can be seen in his involvement throughout the years as:

President of Scholars International Sports Club for 18 years;
Past vice president of the Cayman Islands Football Association;
Past player on various national football teams at junior and senior levels;
Founding member and past president of West Bay Progressive Youth Club;
Founding member and past president of West Bay Community Development Action Committee (CODAC);
Assistant Technical Director for Special Olympics, Cayman Islands;
Church class teacher for young people.

Mr. Glidden was baptized in 1980 and has been a member of the West Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church for most of his life. He has been involved with community based functions of the church and was the leader of the Community Outreach Team for his Sabbath School class.
Mr. Glidden credits the love, support and spiritual inspiration received from his family for shaping and molding him into the person he is today. His parents are Cline Sr. & Eula Glidden.
Mr. Glidden is married to Gloria. They have two sons, Cline III and Michael.


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