Sumilon Island Waters

Uploaded on Saturday 25 March 2017


Another video I compiled about the island we had recently visited with zero expense at all. My sister in law won a Facebook fan page raffle draw and the prize was a free tour to Sumilon island!

This new video will show you the beauty of the waters and the view of the island. I love how clear the waters are in the said island plus how playful the waves are. Thus, I had made a new one for it.

However, I still have more clips which have been sitting on my drive and will soon create a new video as well about Sumilon Island. One thing I had noticed in the Island is the lack of shades or lack of spots to stay with roofs. The tourists have been sneaking in the rocks area to keep away from the head of the sun.

I wish that in the next years, the private resort which owns the island would be able to also provide huts and other kinds of shades to the tourists. I believe that the rocks would be able to hold the huts in there, in this way, the tourists will not have problem on any location where they can eat or keep their stuffs.

Summer is the best time to get to Sumilon, calm waters and clear blue skies with cloud foams which will be picture perfect!

Enjoy the video!

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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