Sunset at Mount Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

Uploaded on Saturday 22 April 2017


One of the most breathtaking if not the best sunset I had witnessed together with my husband, James, brother Jonas @jjeeppeerrxx-nartleb and sister in law Gecell.

We passed the 721 steps challenge climbing Mount Tapyas and were all rewarded with a beautiful sunset we would surely remember for the rest of our lives. This was by far the best way to end our first day in the island of Coron.

It started with a trike ride going to the base of Mount Tapyas. We ate bananacue first to energize ourselves with the trek. Bought mineral waters too for refreshment once we get to the top but actually finished two bottles on our way up. It was still four in the afternoon when we started the walk but reached the top at almost six.

The view revealing to us was also very beautiful from the base, we slowly get glimpses of the beautiful bay below us showcasing the marvelous mountains in front. The boats at the bay gave us a wonderful action scenery which made us take timelapse video clips. Glad that there were benches waiting for tired visitors and we got time to stop and take a quick rest before continuing the walk.

At the top, there's a cross and an imprint which states Coron which is picture perfect. We have to create a separate video for everything, this will solely be for the sunset experience.

Although we have forgotten our tripod, we will make sure to come back here and get a better and more stabilized video coverage.

Mount Tapyas is the best spot for sunset and sunrise in Coron. We hope to get a glimpse of sunset at the port the next day.


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