Tales from the Dockside: Allagash Black!

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 September 2010


The Allagash Brewing Company has risen from its humble, 'one-man operation' beginnings to become one of the most respected breweries operating today in the U.S.: Founder Rob Tod identified that the Belgian style of brewing was under-represented in the states and well, he did something about it. Today, Allagash combines traditional Belgian brewing techniques with American creativity to produce some of the most distinctive beers on the market, many bottled using the méthode champenoise (look it up). Combine all of that with a commitment to local philanthropy through their Tribute series and their location in the picturesque city of Portland, Maine, and you can see why we chose one of their brews for our first tasting in this series.

Enjoy! Its the next best thing to drinking it yourself!


Language: English

Length: 1:42

Country: United States