Teppanyaki Brothers in Slow Motion

Uploaded on Saturday 15 April 2017


Got another chance to dine at Teppanyaki Brothers in SM Seaside Cebu. I believe I had posted one blog about it when we first dined it a year ago, if my memory serves me right. This is a Japanese restaurant with a unique ambiance as the chef will cook your order right in front!

Although the chef has been cooking the same for the past months, I won't deny that it is still entertaining to watch him. This time, we have James' new camera to test its video quality with slow motion films. So obviously, everything in here is filmed with his new Panasonic GX85 but I had edited the clips and compiled in this video.

It started with the order, I asked for Chicken Teriyaki while James ordered a Bento box! So the show started when the chef took some plate and dropped chicken pieces into the wide flat pan with his two flat stainless spatula as well. Breaking the meat and mixing it well. Added a few stuff in it and then started mixing it again.

The veggies were then put into action as well, adding some sauce which I believe was soy sauce, this stirring was very quick and the veggies were good to go, he then served it on those plates and served immediately.

The chicken meat were last to be served after getting cooked. Adding teriyaki sauce completed the meal and we were off to munching and munching.

I had enjoyed the post processing of these clips and this helped us with learn more about focusing as you can see there were multiple clips which were not in their proper focusing.

Hope you had enjoyed the short film.

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