Teppanyaki Brothers Japanese Restaurant

Uploaded on Sunday 16 October 2016


When in a mall, there's a tendency of falling into the trap of fast foods. That is a fact and it is a proven and tested situation. My husband James and I usually eat at ChowKing when we are out in the mall because it is his favorite fast food and it seemed like it has become one of our comfort food when in a place like this- a mall.

But last Saturday was a bit different. While we were roaming around the mall of SM Seaside in Cebu City, we found ourselves in the Ice Skating area of the mall. Then found these food stands and thought hey, why not try to eat here and try something different.

We were looking at some Korean and Chinese stalls when our attention was captured by this guy in the video cooking the orders right in front of the customers! How cool was that? I believe it is the best way to show that the orders are clean and safe! That everyone is able to see how his food is being cooked so we sat down in front of this guy and ordered our meal.

Their value meals isn't really the common 100 pesos worth. It is more than that so I have high expectation that it would be worth the money. I got my Beef Temderloin which the staff said is their best seller and James got his Chicken Teriyaki.

We both had enjoyed watching the guy cooking infront of us. The food was so-so but I believe it is good for experience. However, I would like to show you how the guy cooked our orders.


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