Terrazas De Flores GoPro Coverage

Uploaded on Wednesday 9 November 2016


A common Saturday urged James and I to chill somewhere and thought of checking out a new spot in Cebu. What is very nice about the area is that it is a botanical garden which took nine years in the making.

It is owned by a biker who had found the love for nature during his biking sessions. He was encouraged to turn his hectares of land into a special botanical garden. Special in a way because it is displayed into terraces thus its name - Terrazas de Flores, a Spanish phrase which basically means Flower Terraces.

It has been dubbed then as the first ever Flower Terraces in the country. It aims to share the beauty of local wild flowers of Cebu to the locals and as well as the tourists alike. Aside from that, the owner also aims to provide educational learning about flowers and nature, art and sciences as well to the students and the rest of the visitors.

Enjoy the video.

Jean Beltran-Figues
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Country: Philippines