The 70th Independence Day of Pakistan

Uploaded on Tuesday 12 September 2017


As you knew from the video title, this video is about the 70th Independence Day of Pakistan. I hope you all know Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947 after a great struggle and sacrifice. Due to this, the people of Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on every 14th August with full of passion and patriotism. A number of different activities were organised on that day, but most importantly, the people would also start preparations themselves from the start of the month of August. Some people install the colorful lights of Pakistani flag green and white outside their home while some others hang a large flag outside their home or buildings. These are the things I've tried to show in my video.
It was Independence Day's night and I'm going through the streets of my city Karachi, as I was passed by the Karimabad, I saw a beautiful building covered with the lights so I started making video of it and as far as my trip goes on, I tried to cover up the moments regarding the Independence Day and shared it with all of you in form of this video.
I hope you enjoyed watching it.
Thanks, @the_terrific_m.


Language: English

Country: Pakistan