The Art of Teaching

Uploaded on Sunday 28 June 2015


Contented: Have you ever try to play a Rubik’s cube? What do you feel after you succeeded on the challenge? I’m sure that some of you will say that “I’m contented and happy after I completed the puzzle that the Rubik’s cube has.” That was I feel when the class ends. Because the questions that I have before was solved by my experienced.

One time, I walk around the room; I saw the content of the bulletin board which is “The Solar System”. With that time I accidentally said to myself that “I’m the sun and the planets are my pupils. And I will give my best light to them”. With that realization, I work harder and harder because I want all my pupils experienced lights. And the days go on and I realized that every time that you are exerting effort, the more improvements you will earn on how to teach effectively and efficiently.


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