The Art Pack // Cool cats party

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


Balearic Promo.
For a while, the label Ed Banger is in the sap-Cool-Cats. Hats, T-shirts designed by "So-Me," the teddy in black leather boat shoes in partnership with Sebago. Mostly. But it is also a (very) good way to promote new small label. This is the case for Mickey Moonlight, the last British artist arrived in the great family of French electronic music hits. Two hot dogs and a few dance steps on the pavement of the terrace of the Point Ephemere in Paris, you could then buy a good T-shirt bearing the image of a new cat and enjoy the cool retro-future tracks Mickey's friend. Hovering. Note a dark remix and enjoyment of Pelu Bot'Ox by Tolo, which blackened a little more of the Balearic Disco "DJ" Anglo-Saxon. The program thus: pop-up stores and promo events easy. So finally, what you ask for?

achievement /
Alexandre Attal, Kevin Joseph Peter Gay & Secondi.

translation /
Arthur Soria

thanks /
Point & Matthias Ephemere Labarbe @ Because Music.


Language: French

Length: 4min

Country: France

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