The Art Pack - Electr’Old’School / Interview Laurent Garnier

Uploaded on Monday 29 August 2011


Tales Of A Kleptomaniac, the new album from Laurent Garnier is in stores this month. Electro Soft, Sliimy addicts and false nightclubbers abstain. Eclectic, dynamic, heavy and noisy melodies space labeled French Touch, for our greatest pleasure, and that of Tsugi too.

A tale so.
After The Cloud Making Machine (2005), emotional soundtrack to an imaginary film, and Back To My Roots (2008) EP ghetto tech hard ears back with the great Laurent Gnamankoudji-ginger juice in Ivory Coast (!) - , first EP from the album available physically. Trend "Broken Afro" us he said. Good. We nodded, because we like them. Nice.
On the menu: Why he loves as much be accompanied by saxophonists on stage, years RexClub family, and a movie, if so. From his autobiographical psycho: Electrochoc. And will buy Tsugi newsstand, quick, because after there will be more. Thank you Lawrence.

Director: Antoine Cayrol, Victor Lech Pierre & Zandrowicz
Thanks: [PIAS]


Language: French

Length: 8min

Country: France

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