The Art Pack - Glass Candy Unplugged

Uploaded on Friday 19 June 2009


Italians Do It Better has given the whole post-punky druggy disco sound a real lift. With Portland-based outfit GLASS CANDY, be sure to cross some downtempo synth-pop action, with some out of time electro-acoustic kraut-disco boogie !

It's hard to think of any other band that so perfectly encapsulates that favourite part of the day for all nighthawks, revellers and DJs. The hour before dawn, when the streets of the city are empty, lights change for traffic that isn't there and a lone fox is you're only companion on your walk home. Taking their inspiration from the synth-heavy soundtracks of John Carpenter and the likes, their sound is unique maybe because of the absence of sequencers and computers in the recording process, or maybe just because their remote & charming attitude comes out of nowhere…


Language: English

Length: 05:32

Country: France