The Art Pack - Humanitarian Capitalism

Uploaded on Thursday 11 June 2009


Becoming immortal ? Sharpened moustache, smile accross the face, sprinkle in the eyes, Pham-Công-Quân in the kitchen has the solution. And reveals it.The Cosmos, the Unkown Warrior and the Being are written proofs of an immortal thought. To reveal it, a restaurant in which everybody is a student again when it comes to pay the bill.

Arrived in 1976 while boat-people were escaping the newly set up communist regim, Quân was born during the Second World War. After a PHd in philosophy in 1970, he became a teacher at Saïgon university. Five years later, American soldiers left. Mister Quân leaves for France. Freshly arrived, he abandons his writing for baguettes and forks, glasses and cloths. On the front of his restaurant, the French and vietnamese flag allow to forget that Eurasian roads separate us. Inside, having a drink is pleasant and listening to Monsieur Quân, is like getting to know a world in which humanitarian capitalism becomes faithfulness. The thinking of an immortal.

Réalisation, Interviews, Post-Production by THE ARTPACK:
- Raphaël Beaugrand
- Antoine Cayrol


Language: French

Length: 05:11

Country: France