The Art Pack - Le Grand Slam de Paname

Uploaded on Monday 29 August 2011


Hybrid. Between poetry, theatrical monologue, scansions rhythmic, polyphonic, trans-gender and multi-generational, the Slam is not easy to fit. Happy, proud. Le Divan du Monde is open from time to time slammers warned, grinning hair of the young to the old grandmother, the rapper committed to the simple desire for quidam in alliteration. All without music. None. As if to leave the microphone to speak, phrases, and word games.
Eclectic and unexpected. But truly good-conscious: it was there. And suddenly you too.

Director / /
Antoine Cayrol
Thomas Recayte

"Grand Slam de Paname"
proposed by Amber & Light
organized by
led by King Bobo & Rahman


Language: French

Length: 5min

Country: France

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