The Art Pack meets Brodinski

Uploaded on Monday 29 August 2011


A native of Reims, the DJ and producer is familiar with the music. Indeed, it has been mixing since the age of 16 years and his influences are varied, from minimal techno to rock.

Within months of 2008 Brodinski has become the new darling of the young French electro scene. While the baby rockers Naast fun on the kids addicted to electro to make beats on torticollis acid generation Fluokids.

Known for his dj sets uptempo, Brodinski is producer. His song "Bad Runner" was released in fall 2007 on the label Mental Groove. He made ​​several first parts of Justice in 2007. He proposed in 2009, the album Bugged Out.


Language: French

Length: 4min

Country: France

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