The Art Pack meets Flairs

Uploaded on Thursday 11 June 2009


It’s on the roofs of paris that we met Flairs.

Flairs is a 35 years old bass player who played with the greatest, ranging from Etienne de Crecy
to the Hush Puppies and from Cosmo Vitelli to Alex Gopher. He tells us how he created his own
character. « We can categorize me between pop and electro-rock » he'll tell us, but Flairs is much more than that.
« Better than prince », his hit song is a powerful concentration of references but most of all,
a jolt to Prince. The video clip is currently in preparation and guess what... Jonas and François, the two brilliant
directors from the video clips « D.A.N.C.E (justice) & « Good Life »(Kanye West) will be
directing… not bad! From the top of Paris, he told us about him on stage, his debuts, his influences, England,
and of course, his music. Diffident and passionate, Flairs has bright days ahead of him.

Réalisation, Interviews, Post-Production by
- Antoine Cayrol
- Pierre Zandrowicz


Language: French

Length: 07:11

Country: France