The Art Pack meets Vitalic

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 August 2011


Back to the Future.
There is little time, Vitalic was still the new head of the French electronic scene. Not anymore. He knows cultivate mystery and shyness, do not really communicating other than by its apocalyptic lives very visual, very aesthetic. Techno fans all know the Rock, the first public appearance of one of his tracks on the album As Heard on Radio Soulwax 2ManyDJs's Belgians in the early 2000s. One of the largest assembled in the history of electronic music for many. Near The Hacker and Miss Kittin, Vitalic has always been to this side of music: rock tracks of a purist for the purists. Exit the fashion side. Welcome to kick that beat up. Back into business, he moved to confirmed status, probably due to public ignorance. And for good reason: Vitalic was never beginner. It's fun as his meeting opens a perspective: that of change, a true sign that electronic music is a world in constant motion at the epicenter of hip-hop, funk, rock and classical music. The difference with all this? Use physical and theoretical machine.

achievement /
Alexandre Attal, Kevin Gay, Pierre-Louis Guetta, Peter J Secondi.

translation /
Le Grand Saut

thanks /
Florent, Elise & Citizen Records.


Language: English

Length: 4min

Country: France

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