The Art Pack // Record Makers // 10th Anniversary

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 August 2011


I have 10 years.
How to approach the music with no moral discourse? Downloading, hadopi, clubbing radio and television constantly the same artists, new tele-hook again and again ... It said. At the same time there is no point to vilify people because the world has never consumed as much cultural "products" sometimes illegally, of course. But the story of Record Makers, probably one of the best indie labels for its French artistic director of quality, provides air to the trade. A bit like a small French company that goes after creating its niche to become the leader. As if the nonconformity has become a value. For this, we must first a bang, a first draft that commands respect: the soundtrack of Sofia Coppola's first movie, Virgin Suicides, to install the label in a dynamic and international cinégénique. Sales allow artistic freedom denied. Then there are the rare gems and feats: a sign for John Carpenter soundtrack never before published. Then the friends Tellier and Kavinsky. Good pick. Remains UFOs: Acid Washed and Turzi. In the end, the picture is consistent in the original, all surrounded by a well-chartered sharp eye, a taste for the difference.
The story? Modest "digest" of becoming independent in an environment that loves big machines of war on the relentless marketing campaigns. Or when the resistance sometimes takes the air of stability.

achievement /
Boris Bodiansky, Kevin Gay, Victor Lech & Ingrid Zeller.

translation /
Arthur Soria

thanks /
Marc, Stéphane & the Rasputin.

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Language: French

Length: 8min

Country: France

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