The Art Pack - Stuck in the sound

Uploaded on Monday 29 August 2011


The group is composed of: José Reis Fontao (vocals / guitar), Emmanuel Barich (guitar), Arno Bordas (bass) and Ernie Francis (drums / vocals).
The singer and guitarist José Reis Fontao met Emmanuel Barich at an evening post-bac. Both were then brought their guitars: the first improvisation, the magic happens. Listening to their musical creations, a daughter cried the face of such beauty, one vomited. The other guests encouraged them to form a rock band, a childhood dream. José Reis Fontao Arno Bordas then met at the faculty of Jussieu cinema. The vagaries of life brought Ernie Francis to complete the group.
The tastes of the members of Stuck in the Sound are so different but end up on Nirvana, a group that has greatly influenced the group and later Sonic Youth or the Pixies.


Language: French

Length: 6min

Country: France

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