The Crane Game Challenge

Uploaded on Sunday 10 September 2017


Hello! What's up everyone! It's been a very long time since I last submitted a video. Hopefully I get to return to my Watch Me WIP series soon but for now I am going to share to you a fun moment of me and my friend playing a crane game.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I met to process some documents. After accomplishing it, we went to the arcades to unwind. (Actually, I have a couple of tokens with me which I got from our business.) We used it to play the crane game and luckily got 2 stuffed toys. My friend was a Hello Kitty fan and as you can see on the video, she kept on trying to win more Hello Kitty toys. The tokens I have were all used up so she bought more tokens. That's how eager she is to get the Sanrio cat. (Lol.)

The crane game was hard to play. I guess there is a technique to surely secure the claws of the crane into the toy. Maybe I'll try to search on how to do it because we are going to meet again soon and we agreed to play again.

I had never won even once on this game. (Haha!) Luckily, my friend gave me the piglet toy to me. It was my first stuffed toy from a crane game. Hooray!

Thanks for watching!


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