The Gold Rush - Charles Chaplin

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The Gold Rush is a masterpiece film writen, produced and directed by Charles Chaplin a genious of the silent comedy. As you can see on the final of the film Chaplin begans to make it shortly in 1923 with only 2 cenes with another name called The Lucky Strike. The Tramp, Charles Chaplin, travels alone to the Yukon to take part in the Gold Rush. Because of the bad weather he have to hide and discover a remote cabin where he will find a prospector who has found a large gold deposit and Black Larsen, that is a fugitive that escaped. Big Jim and Black Larsen fighting over the prospector's claim, in the fight Big Jim receives a blow to the head and Black Larsen falling off a cliff to the death.
Our Tramp goes to a gold rush town where he decides to give up in prospecting.
After taking a job looking after another prospector's cabin, he falls in love with a lonely saloon girl that he mistakenly thinks has fallen in love with him. Big Jim who has developed amnesia and needs help from the Tramp to help him find his claim by leading him back to the first cabin to get theyre treasures Gold and much more. A must to see movie with the friends and the family.


Language: English

Length: 01:15:43

Country: United States

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