The Happy Hour Guys: LOVE THE BEER.

Uploaded on Saturday 2 October 2010


Thanks in part to Jeff Moses at The Night that Never Ends (aka the Monterey Beer Festival), this week we unveil our newest and coolest show promo featuring our most “Brew Centric” content - this baby will screen at GABF and Monterey as part of the Short Pour Film Festival! Enjoy our sudsy best 60 seconds from the more brew heavy episodes of The Happy Hour Guys; at GABF we will be on full display in the main tasting hall as part of the festivities! Woo hoo!
Now here’s where you folks, our wonderful fans, come in; let’s ‘crowdsource’ a little. You’ve been with us all the way along: is there anything missing that you’d like to see? Remember that we have a limit of 60 seconds, and the spot is presently at 59.99999 - so something would have to go if we replace it with something else. Email us at with your comments, suggestions, or just plain beer love. Cheers!


Language: English

Length: :59

Country: United States