The Miracle Art Happy World Museum in Cebu

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 September 2017


On a normal available weekend, James and I thought of visiting a happy place so to make us both happy. After few research, I figured out there is indeed a place to make us both happy and that's the Miracle Art Happy World Museum in Cebu specifically in Cordova, Mactan Island.

James and I traveled for more than an hour to get to this place. We were glad to find out that we were the first customers to arrive! The establishment really reminded me of some medieval place because of its castle like structure and there were even flags at the top of it which definitely gives you this castle like feeling.

There were also some other things outside, there's a water bumper, a 3D ride and some huts for those who want to dine in at their cafe. Entrance fee is at Php 350 per person which I find okay at first but after the entire experience, I really think that's too much.

Anyways, when we arrived, we were advised to leave our foot wears outside. You can either come inside barefooted or wear your socks. I was really excited that w were the first ones and so that means we can get to take photos of the place and nice angles because we own the place to ourselves only.

Then the happiness tend to have changed into disappointment and frustration when we finally came in, it was dark and hot. There were only a few lights turned on and ACs were nowhere to be found. We were still at the first section of the museum and I was already sweating.

Then the most frustrating part was taking the photos. Because it was too dark, we had to set our camera ISO setting to the full but it ruined the quality of the photos, thus making us really sad that we were paying that huge amount without proper photos of the place because they didn't turn all the lights on.

But I still appreciate the paintings inside. I bet most families who would be coming here will enjoy it specially if the lights are all on. There were different spots which the audience can take part of the painting and it will look real.

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