The Nocturnals

Uploaded on Friday 12 April 2013


Short Non Fiction looking into the night shifts and how it effects the workers mentally and physically. How it also has an impact on there family life. Mark Chadwick (Fireman) tells his story on how he deals with working away from his family at night and sleeping in the day. He gets very little time to spend with his family when he is on the night shifts. Mark also has to be alert at all times as the alarm could sound at any Point, this makes working the nightshift harder as he cannot relax and needs to be on ball.

The Film was created by myself and three other university students as part of a Non Fiction Brief. It is a create look into the nightshift, showing mainly the city at night time, Using sound design to create the silent, dead of night feeling. This short film aims to give the public who work 9-5 jobs an insight to what goes on when everybody else is asleep. To show that the city is still working all night and never stops, and the importance to having people such as the firemen working all night.
Directed by Adam Townsend. Crew H


Language: English

Length: 3:58

Country: United Kingdom