The Organic Bubble

Uploaded on Wednesday 8 May 2013


In El Salvador, Mauricio and Gloria have bought an abandoned Hare Krishna complex. With this, they have created something very special. They are growing an organic garden and teaching children of their local community about living sustainably as well as English.

This project has the opportunity to create such a positive impact on the local community, by keeping the children off the streets and giving them something to be passionate about and keeping them in touch with nature. They invite volunteers from all over the world to come and help them by sharing their skills.

This film is created to show the amazing work Gloria and Mauricio have accomplished and to make other people aware of this superb project. Filmed in March 2013 directed by Serena Aurora.

I found out about this project on couch surfing. They are also on the WWOFING website. I stayed with them for a week and had a truly amazing time. I would recommend this experience to anyone.


Language: Silent

Length: 5:34

Country: El Salvador